Employees returning to campus are expected to comply with campus entry protocols, including a daily health attestation, wearing a face mask/covering, and maintaining social distancing.

The Faculty/Staff Pledge

To preserve a safe and healthy campus learning environment, all faculty and staff will sign the Shared Responsibility Pledge, confirming they understand their responsibilities to Be Bryant Strong and take an active role working to support a safe semester. Faculty and staff may read, checkmark, and submit the pledge here. 


Hours for the campus surveillance testing clinic in the MAC currently are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

To Schedule an Appointment via Bryant Mobile

  • For Students: Look for the icon that says Student COVID Bookings (You must be logged into the Bryant Mobile app to see the icon)
  • For Employees: Look for the icon that says Employee COVID Bookings (This is for all Bryant employees or any employees working on Bryant’s campus)

You are able to book a day and time through the app. Please fill this out before coming to the Testing Clinic in the MAC. Please bring a form of ID and be ready to show your Health Checker green check.

To schedule an appointment via the web

The testing process

The testing process is painless and extremely quick, requiring only that you insert a small Q-tip 1/4” into each of your nostrils.

Once you walk to the tent one of our testing staff will ask your name and date of birth to confirm your identity. We will provide you with a testing swab and specific step by step instruction on how to perform the test. You may see a short video of the testing process by clicking on this link. Once you have performed the test, you can simply leave.

Returning to campus

All returning to campus are expected to comply with campus entry protocols, including a daily health attestation, and health and safety protocols such as wearing a face mask/covering and maintaining social distancing while on campus.

Returning employees should observe the following measures, which supervisors may implement to help maintain building capacity limits:

  • Staggered start times
  • Partial or complete remote work assignment (for example, three days on campus and two from a remote work location)

All other staff will be expected to work remotely until they are advised they may resume working on campus. Individuals who are not on the list of approved personnel to return to campus will not be allowed on campus. This is necessary to adhere to building occupancy limits.

The University understands that there are employees who have COVID-19-related personal circumstances (i.e., childcare needs, being in a high-risk category, residing with an individual in a high-risk category, etc.) that impact their ability to return to campus during the initial reentry phase. These employees should work with their managers, division heads, and HR on their work arrangements. 

The key to controlling any sort of infection is knowing how many people have OR DO NOT HAVE the disease in question. Asymptomatic testing means we are testing everyone who does not report any symptoms. This is important because the age demographic of our students has been shown to be able to carry the disease without demonstrating any signs or symptoms of the disease. Therefore, we must test everyone to determine the actual prevalence of the disease. 

It is imperative that as a community we develop a culture of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. We will provide signage to support your efforts. If you stay 6 feet away from others and wear a mask YOU ARE SAFE. When you are testing you will have to remove your mask BUT you WILL be 6 feet away from everyone, you will have a barrier between you and your observers AND you and anyone else. We will be sterilizing the area per CDC guidelines and all will be wearing PPE.

We anticipate you will be in the testing location for less than 10 minutes.

You should have your test results back within 24- 36 hours. Those that have a negative test will be emailed directly by Broad, those who either have had an issue with their sample or who have tested positive will be contacted by one of our Contact Tracers or an Ordering Provider within 36 hours.

We anticipate that the vast majority of you will test negative on a weekly basis and receive an email from the Broad ( telling you as much. Should you test positive you will be contacted over the phone by one of our contract tracers or ordering providers.

Should you test positive we are required by law to pass on your information to the State of RI. You will be contacted by one of our contact tracers or ordering providers. You will be given specific instruction and information so that you can follow up with your primary care provider and will be asked to quarantine for 14 days. As you are asymptomatic or were at the time of your test you should monitor yourself daily using the Bryant Health Checker APP and follow up with your primary care provider.

No! In fact if you have any symptoms, we want you to report it on the Bryant Health Checker APP and call your supervisor or director. More importantly we want you to stay home and protect your colleagues and our students.