For Visitors

To protect the health and safety of all members of the Bryant community, we must place restrictions on who can visit, how long they can stay, and where they can go.

No persons other than current Bryant students will be allowed to stay overnight on the Bryant campus and no persons other than current Bryant students and authorized Bryant employees will be allowed inside any Bryant residence hall or townhouse.

Non-Bryant students or other persons may visit the Bryant campus between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., seven days a week under the following conditions:

  • Every visitor must register or be registered by his or her host via the Bryant Guest Pass system in Banner
  • Along with completing the Guest Pass application (app), the visitor will also be prompted to complete the Bryant Health Checker attestation app.
  • Every visitor will be required to stop at the Entry Control Station (ECS) and display both the approved Guest Pass and attestation app to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer stationed there. Any person displaying a red or black X on the app will not be allowed entry onto campus.
  • Every visitor will be required to have and wear a face covering that adequately covers both the nose and mouth at all times while visiting campus.  If the visitor does not possess a face covering, one will be provided.

Before traveling, check the list of states and locales by stay-at-home order published by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Administrative offices

All administrative offices, including the Admissions Office, will be required to register known visitors or assist them with the process to include completion of the Health Attestation app.


Bryant alumni visiting campus will be subject to these same requirements.

Admission visits

To help you learn more about what sets Bryant apart as an exceptional place to live and learn, we’ve created a self-guided virtual tour. You may register for the self-guided tour here. After you register, you will receive information on how to access the self-guided tour, along with the information you'll need to know about being on campus.


At the point in which athletic contests are permitted on campus, non-Bryant spectators will not be permitted to view the games in person.

All visiting team players, coaches, and trainers will be required to complete a “Game Day Attestation of Team Health” form prior to arriving on the Bryant campus.

Game officials will be required to complete the Guest Pass application and Health Checker app prior to arriving on campus and present both to the DPS officer at the ECS.

Outside contractors

Outside contractors, vendors, or delivery persons may be required to comply with some or all of these requirements depending upon the nature of their visit to campus and separate attestation procedures that have been set up for their respective service.

Public transit

Persons utilizing public transportation (RIPTA) as well as private ride-share services will be subject to these same requirements.